måndag 28 februari 2011

Kul att det är någon som vågar göra något annorlunda!

Omnibus table      Foto: Max Gerthel
Här kommer formgivarens beskrivning på bordet.
Designer: Max Gerthel

The table is designed for a specific space; a small Beijing apartment with a deep narrow living space. 
The table is the main piece of furniture in the room and thus defines the space and its use.

The free form top aims to defy the rectilinear nature of the space while the square base refers back to it. While some of my earlier designs were even more contrasting with the space, I finally chose for the table to manifest that same contrast. One of the main objectives when giving form to the table top was to create two main dining places that enjoy views to the outside, all the while keeping an open and communicative set up. The table is often used for dinner parties and easily seats 8 people.
Since it is mostly is used as a working table, I wanted to integrate storage for adapters, chargers and cables, all of which are housed in the central compartment accessed from above. The table therefore has a “tail” connecting it to the grid.
I am planning to design it in one or two more versions, or completely customized for the space in which it will be used.

Top: 40 mm Chinese solid wood (similar to pine), black stained and lacquered.
Base: 40 mm Phosphatized steel L profile

Storlek c:a 198 x 118 cm

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  1. Verkligen jättefint bord..blivande klassiker?! ;)